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LONDON 2012 EQUESTRIAN TEST EVENT (Part 4) : Cross Country
Nina Ligon and Jazz King on the 5th jump, overlooking the city view. Photo courtesy of Lara Casalotti/Nisha Ligon via Nina Ligon: Thai Eventer Facebook Page
After few hours of wait, we finally got the results from the XC day at London Prepare Series.....Thank you our favorite Eventing site "Eventing Nation" for updating the XC results really fast from the arena. ;) You can see from the scoreboard here.
The Cross Country designed by Sue Benson was amazingly beautiful and unique in 19 jumps. There are loads of excitements, many surprises, and lots of kids!! The organizers only invites 5,000 spectators to the cross country phase, about 2,500 residents of Greenwich and 2,500 people involved in the sport. My guess for the kids is so they can experience the most incredible sport in the world -- "equestrian" the only sport formed by a partnership of a human and an animal.
Nina Ligon and Jazz King representing Thailand ended the score after XC at 102.10 pen at 35th place. Both had a single refusal in cross country, however, according to Eventing Nation, Nina has done well in fixing the problem in XC. Here's the extract from EN paragraph.
"The one other North American pair, Nina Ligon and Jazz King of Thailand picked up an uncharacteristic stop.  Nina got things back on track quickly and Jazz King looked better than I have ever seen him at the end of the course.  Fixing things on course is a tough thing to do at any event, much less at the Olympic test event, but Nina did just that."
Also another paragraph from Dressage Day:
 "Nina Ligon's test was a lot better than it scored, but Jazz King likes cross-country a lot more than the dressage."
For other Asian riders--Alex Hua Tian & Furst Love from China, a brian child of Clayton Fredericks (Rank 4 after XC in the same event), is now on the 17th place at 58.50 pen. While the Japanese Takayuki Yumira & Hooligan finished on 26th place at 67.10 pen. after XC.
Here's the VDO Clip in XC by Eventing Nation, with Nina Ligon & Jazz King at 3:08.
Greenwich Park, London
04 Jul 2011
06 Jul 2011
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Full Results after XC:

1, DHI Topper (Piggy French) GBR 34.70
2, Mrs Medicott (Sara Algotsson Ostholt) SWE 41.60
3, River of Joy (Michael Jung) GER 41.80 
4, Bendigo (Clayton Fredericks) AUS 42.10
5, Billy Shannon (Pippa Funnell) GBR 44.90
6, Sir Medicott (Frank Ostholt) GER 48.90 
7, Limestone (Joris van Springel) BEL 50.10
8, Nepal du Sudre (Virginie Caulier) BEL 50.80 
9, Gaucho (William Fox-Pitt) GBR 52.30
10, Viscount George (Andrew Nicholson) NZL 52.80
11, Lamicell Unique (K Donckers) BEL 53.10
12, DHI Colour Candy (William Faudree) USA 54.10
13, Pivoine des Touches (Donatien Schauly) FRA 56.00
14, Borough Pennyz (Vittoria Pannizon) ITA 56.40
15, Paulank Brockagh (Sam Griffiths) AUS 57.60
16, Blockbuster (Waylon Roberts) CAN 58.00
17, Furst Love (Alex Hua Tian) CHN 58.50
18, Chuckelberry (Joseph Murphy) IRL 58.60
19, Incognito (Clarke Johnstone) NZL 61.10
20, Cavalor Telstar (Raf Kooremans) NED 61.60
21, NZB Campino (Mark Todd) NZL 62.10
22, Olipper Schervil (Denis Mesples) FRA 62.90
23, Gunstone Wallstreet (Julian Stiller) USA 63.40
24, The Only One (Jayne Doherty) IRL 65.50
25, Let it Bee (Kathryn Robinson) 65.60
26, Hooligan (Takayuki Yumira) JPN 67.10
27, Carlow Miller (Paul Hart) RSA 67.70
28, Lit-Il Peccau CH (Benoit Johner) SUI 68.50
29, Killossery Harvey (Jaroslav Hatla) CZE 74.10
30, Idaho D'Argonne (Ruy Fonseca) BRA 76.00
31, Culture Couture (Samantha Albert) JAM 81.40 
32, Jabadaba Doo (Andreas Riedl) AUT 86.80
33, Jaybee Star Celebrity (Logan Rawlings) USA 97.70
34, Rongotai (Renan Guerreiro) BRA 99.80
35, Jazz King (Nina Ligon) THA 102.10
36, Libro Archie (Brian Nunez-Hughes) COL 103.30
37, Pastel L'Anguillere (Alberto Giugni) ITA, Branco (Lukasz Kammierczak) POL, Parancs (Sandra Auffarth) GER Elim.

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